Propaganda Warfare: Recession, Recession, Recession

I begin with an excerpt from a Blog written 1 year ago today.   How prophetic!   So, I encourage you to go to the archives, and read the whole Blog. But for now, we will start here.   Then I will give you an example of the latest propaganda barrage you are being hit with.

A Lie Told Often Enough Becomes the Truth

Published / by Lee Kessler /

One of Hitler’s known strategies was his understanding that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.  He used propaganda to get the German people to believe that the Jews were the source of Germany’s economic ills.   It was a lie, but the constant repetition of the marketing message in his perverse campaign to gain power, eroded, over time, the peoples’ natural reason. Pin that in your notebook.  The strategy of those who destroy is to make certain that reason does not prevail when an issue comes up.   They want a stimulus-response knee-jerk reaction to occur.   They desire to have emotion overwhelming reason.   Because then, and only then, can one  manipulate otherwise good people into an angry mob,  mobilize a group into a lynching,  stampede people  into riots and looting, or inspire people to overthrow a government.

Pavlov studied stimulus-response with dogs, eventually getting them to salivate at just the sound of a bell.   Skinner, that delightful fellow who is reported to have kept his own baby in a glass box for a year, to see how a child responds to no human contact, carried research into stimulus-response in man.   You have to ask yourself why?   For humanitarian purposes?   Hardly.   They were looking for ways to control men, and the behavior of men, through things they could do to their minds.

Their task–mind control and indoctrination techniques in order to overwhelm the natural reason of the individual and make it possible to control him and his actions.   The emotion–either fear or hatred, or both.   It is an enslaving mechanism.  To the Black Propagandist, you are not a soul, with values and morals, which would make you an independent thinker,  You are simply an animal to be controlled. Do not doubt this.  He has complete disdain for you as he feeds you the lies, and watches you do his dirty work thereafter.  Anytime you find yourself suddenly incapable of controlling a fear response or anger response to some news item, and you want to leap to a generality and tidily end all discussion because you “feel” that ALL people are just like the one bad apple you encountered or read about, you have been victimized.   Discernment has been erased, the ability to differentiate has been obscured, and you stand there howling to the moon that “the one equals the whole.”   And you then start repeating the mantra.   And the lie spreads further.


Now for the current example.   Remember always that the Media are merchants of fear and chaos.   They make their money by reporting on things that upset you, and scare you.  We have a tendency to be drawn to blood and gore, to mayhem and forecasts of doom to come.  It’s as if we are compelled to read about, or watch, things that are the opposite of our true good nature.  Regrettably, bad things and bad people are frightening to good people.

With a free press, it is necessary sometimes to report dangerous situations and reveal sinister actions and motives.  I am not arguing with that.  Scary or not, there are sometimes things we need to face.  But what is being reported upon has to be true, not manufactured.  That would be promoting a lie, and a dangerous one at that. This is the stock and trade of the Black Propagandist, and the Totalitarian.   They plant a lie, then assure that it is repeated over and over until it is like a hypnotic implant in your mind.   Your defenses are down.   You are overwhelmed mentally and can no longer seem to examine, reason, or fight with the negative data.   Eventually you are worn down, and even the best of us succumbs to the lie, and embraces it as the truth. Then, worse yet, we repeat it.  And usually we no longer even remember where we got the idea, and we certainly don’t challenge our own conclusions.  But, were they ours, or someone else’s?

Right now, even though factually the United States economy is roaring and the envy of the world, with the lowest stats in unemployment among blacks, Hispanics, women, Asian-Americans in my lifetime, a seed of doubt was implanted.   A Propagandist was lurking, waiting for a piece of true data on which to hang a lie, and then pile on.   Even though whole industries have come back to life and are returning to America, even though we are energy independent for the first time that I can remember, and even though wages are rising and the Middle Class is being rebuilt, even though poverty has declined, and huge numbers are coming off the poverty rolls, the lie stuck.

And the lie is designed to scare you, cause you to lose your optimism about your future, to stop forward motion so you try to hang onto what money you have, to stop your investment if you are an investor, to sell your stocks and slow the market, to postpone business expansion if you are a businessperson, to stop taking vacations or go out to dinner or buy a new outfit.   It is designed to frighten the average citizen, causing them to lose joy, and maybe even lose hope that the economic nightmare of the last decade was over.  It casts doubt on the future.  It gives uncertainty.   It causes anxiety ( and probably sells more drugs.   But that is a topic for another conversation. Read “White King and the Doctor” and “White King Rising” if you doubt this.) It lowers your self-esteem, and the nation’s, and once again makes us feel “helpless” and at the mercy of the “forces that be.”

And despite the fact that our President and his economic team have denied it, despite the fact that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board has denied it, despite the fact that other finance groups and central banks have denied it, the lie persists.   Gleefully the Media talks about impending disaster– because they get wealthier if there are circumstances that are hurting a people, scaring a people, and confusing a people.   After all, if everything were hunky dory we wouldn’t spend time listening to their doom and gloom and “astute, expert analysis.”

The lie?   That, despite the robust economic indicators everywhere, we are going into a recession in 2020.  What was the truth that the lie was attached to?   Now, bear in mind that I am not a finance person, but I figured out a great deal in the novel, “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame.”  Apparently two types of yield curves, that normally go in one direction, for a brief time crossed each other.   The one that was supposed to be higher became the lower of the two.  And the one that was supposed to be lower became the higher of the two.   And, in the past, if that happened, economists said it portended a recession.  If I remember that day however, the curves reversed and went back to normal in a very short period of time.

Dozens and dozens of pieces of true economic data were ignored.  The analyses of Wall Street, the Fed,  credentialed economists, and our own common sense–all ignored.  The mantra became that we are “likely” to have a recession.   We are “headed for a recession.”   We are “headed for a fall.”   Headed for a “potentially catastrophic collapse of the stock market in the very near future.”

CNN trumpeted it.   MSNBC trumpeted it.  The infamous New York Times repeated it.  The Washington Post repeated it. Presidential candidates trumpeted it. And I think (I could be wrong) even the Wall Street Journal fell for this.  A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.   You see, we live at the level that we speak. If we think we can, we can.   If we think we can’t, we can’t.   This is fundamental and juvenile.   Most of you learned this when your parents read you “The Little Engine That Could.”   (great book which I read recently to some business colleagues I am mentoring)

And the Black Propagandist knows this.   If he can get you to think what he is implanting, and get you to verbally repeat it, your own words bring the thing to life.

So, we are not going into a Recession–unless you decide we are, and speak it into existence.   Guard your minds people.  And the next time someone tries to convince you of Recession, Recession, Recession, just examine actual true verifiable data.   Let the preponderance of true data overwhelm and drown out the lie attached to the one little negative piece that bore a modicum of truth.

Slippery, isn’t it?   We, as a people, are up against the best propagandists in my lifetime.  We can handle them!   I have faith in the common sense of the great American people–always have, always will!!

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  1. CJ Johnson

    Very well written and frightening in that there are people in our society that actually wish to harm and control others..


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