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I want to reprise a Blog from a year ago.   Recently I have been directing you to it, so I decided it was time to revisit it.   The following paragraphs are from the Blog “Good’s Dilemma” and will serve as a prelude to the next Blog.  That Blog will explore the most current and dangerous Black Propaganda move being made against Americans.   Stay tuned for that, but this one, I believe, will give you some peace of mind.


One of the difficulties we Americans have in dealing with the upsetting cultural and political climate we find ourselves in has to do with the fact that we are basically GOOD.  None of us is perfect, yet we try in varying degrees to do what’s right and to see good in ourselves and others.   Therefore GOOD has a hard time seeing and understanding BAD.   Good people have a hard time identifying bad people–let alone dealing with them–because the “good” look through their own eyes, and their own motives, and intentions.

Regrettably, the BAD understand this trait and can remain camouflaged, manipulating their way, causing havoc.   There are two things to address.  One is the driving motivation of “good” people versus “bad” people.   By “good” I mean those who strive to Create, and by “bad” I mean those who strive to Destroy.    I’m not talking about accidentally being destructive of people or things.  We all fall into that category from time to time.  I am talking about people whose goal is in fact to destroy.   They work on the complete counter agenda to those whose goal is  to create.   You will be well off in my opinion to think of this as a game and have a sense of humor about it.

Just remember that there are people who CREATE and there are people who DESTROY.   Embracing that simple fact alone may cause a weight to lift.  You may have struggled trying to justify why someone did something horribly contrary to you, your family, your group, or your country.   Being good, you think you brought this on yourself.   You think you must have been wrong, or  done something wrong.   That’s how basically good, emotionally mature people think.   They try to take responsibility for all the foul ups and upsets.  They try to make things better.   They try to trust.

And it is that one trait alone that makes it possible for the Black Propagandist to operate– to remain hidden, to prey upon, manipulate the emotions and actions of others he despises, to undermine, and even turn the target of his enmity into an accomplice.   There is no one blinder than the unwitting accomplice of a Black Propagandist.  Staying close to us, gaining our trust, they gnaw away at our faith in institutions, people, government, and even ourselves.  Their goal is to destroy and they are gleeful when there is chaos, fear, declining statistics, mistrust, and violence.   The “good,” on the other hand, are despairing in the face of those factors.   They are happy when there is calm, freedom, safety, upward trending statistics and on and on.

So, second, what is a Black Propagandist and why is he such a cunning and dangerous foe to face?  The Black Propagandist is one who plants and spreads lies about someone through gossip or rumor in order to destroy the reputation, the livelihood, the position, and possibly the life of someone he targets.  He is driven by fear and hatred.   He can not compete in the open, so he adopts a covert attack. Getting others to pick up his lie and move that lie forward assures that he can remain hidden and that the lie will spread like wildfire–if he attaches the lie or lies to a modicum of truth.   His equation is something like this:  100 lies + 1 truth = 101 truths.  The one truth makes the 100 lies somehow true.   We struggle with overwhelming amounts of data, and say, “Well, that one piece of data is true, so I guess all the rest of the info must be true too. And now 100 lies become “true.” We know somehow that is insane.   Or do we?”

Next Blog:  A Lie Told Often Enough, part TWO

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