The Blackmail Attempt

“Power corrupts.   Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”   Attributed to President Lincoln I believe, we have all heard that statement.  Ask yourself, do you think the Washington insiders desire power?  Love power?  Attain power? Don’t want to lose power? Manipulate to gain and keep power?

If you answered yes–and I suspect you did to at least one of the questions–then let’s talk.  I learned along the way that once someone has acquired power, they want to keep it.   And they are capable of manipulating circumstances, people, and institutions to keep it.  No area is more rife with potential corruption, in my opinion, than the intelligence and senior law enforcement communities.

It’s all a question of motive.   If the person is Good (see last year’s Blog on Good People, Bad People), they will steward their power, and their powerful tools in order to serve the people, not themselves.   But, if the person is Bad, they will try to gain as many tools and as much power as possible, and insure that nothing threatens their kingdom.

If you have been following any of my Blogs, you know I have called the former CIA Director, and current provocateur, out on many occasions.   Today, I am going a little deeper.

Perhaps the most effective way to maintain power, and to insure that no one fires you if you are the Director of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, or the Director of National Intelligence–or any other position frankly–is to maintain blackmail files on any one who might hinder your activities, might supplant you, fire you, imprison you…the list goes on and on.

Now, in order for the blackmail to work, the information in the file needs to be true, or so intimidating that the person being blackmailed doesn’t want to even be subjected to trying to defend their innocent self.   Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was famous for finding and using blackmail material on all manner of people.

The interesting thing is that the Blackmail File is a defensive tool usually.   One has their files to haul out in the event someone threatens their position, or to get someone to take a desired action.  Otherwise the files are kept in a safe for a “rainy day.”

I’m coming out here and suggesting to you all that in the months ahead you will discover that what I am about to say is likely true.   Whether it be courageous Justice Department investigators, who themselves are clean like the “Untouchables” of Elliot Ness ilk, or whether it be journalists who still believe in honest investigations and reporting, this information will come out.   Perhaps in piecemeal. Perhaps in a torrent.   But, it will come out.

At his first meeting with President-elect Trump, FBI Director James Comey pushed a file across the desk for Trump to read.   It is a matter of record now that the file contained the infamous Steele Dossier with horrific and salacious material in it relevant to Donald Trump.   If you love James Comey and his sanctimonious justifications, you will likely think he did this to protect his new boss.

Quite the contrary.   in my opinion, James Comey attempted to blackmail the President of the United States that day in order to preserve his own position as Director of the FBI, and/or to force the new President into submission and compliance on a whole host of improper at best– and illegal at worst–activities that the bureau’s top leadership had been involved in for a long time.

James Comey did not hate Donald Trump. He and others were threatened by him because they knew that–as President of the United States–he would discover this bad behavior and would likely take action, since he was elected by the people under the war cry, “Drain the Swamp.”

In the best scenario, he probably expected Trump to behave as, I expect, other Presidents have behaved when they saw their own blackmail folder’s contents.  He expected the President to yield, possibly even ask, “What do you want?”

They obviously hadn’t evaluated the unique personality of Donald Trump.   Donald Trump is like Wyatt Earp–a flawed, but fearless protector of the good people.   And a sworn enemy of bad guys who intimidate and extort their subjects. Instead, he called Comey’s bluff. He gave it back to him, with shock and denial, and an order to find out where this came from and prove it was false.

Now, you may think Comey failed that day.   No, he failed at blackmail.   But, the meeting was just the first move in a game another man was setting up to play with Trump.   There was one other who had been ordered that, if the blackmail failed, and Trump would not heel, this second man was to get the dossier out.   It was a preemptive strike.   Normally when one is blackmailed and they are going to fight it, they get out in front of cameras, reveal the blackmail data, deny it, and attempt to stop the firestorm before it can even begin.   (Read my earlier Blogs on Marketing strategies on how to stop Black Propaganda being spread about you.)

Whether Trump recognized the blackmail attempt, or whether he still trusted his FBI Director, we will have to wait for his own memoir after he is out of office.  Nonetheless, he did not “play ball” that day.

So, the Director of National Intelligence, who was the second man on the team,  took the story, knowing full well that the Media, and almost every other swamp rat would devour it.  It would bypass all their “this doesn’t pass the smell test warning signs” and they would run with it.  James Clapper “leaked” it to the Press.  He began a black op against the President of the United States. Comey called him after the meeting with the President to say, “Mission accomplished.”   You should ask yourself, “What mission?   What were these people up to?”

In the world I live and write in, they were setting up an elaborate frame–a type of game where Trump could not win.   If he yielded to blackmail, they could control and manipulate every decision he made relevant to their activities, and the activities of others.   If he did not, they would hit him with Black Propaganda missiles from all directions until he fell.

Unfortunately for them, the President did not yield, and he did not fall.

There is still one unanswered question however.   See if you spotted it.  Who sent James Clapper and James Comey to do their deeds? Who masterminded it? Each of those men is cunning, conniving, and self-serving.   They work in a world of lies and shadows. They are hyper confident, and therefore predictable.

One man knew they would join his conspiracy.   He’s a self-centered, above-the-law operator.   Every time you hear him talk or testify, he is so condescending you can almost feel his disdain for you–no matter your politics.   He is not driven by a political philosophy run amok.   He has no ideology other than love of self, and absolute power.

Who?   You ask, who is it?

If you have followed my Blogs, you have seen me call him out a few times.   After I heard him on, if my memory serves me right, CNN in an interview, where he looked straight into camera and threatened the President of the United States with, “Stay tuned Mr. President,” I began to evaluate him just like I did Ayman Al-Zawahiri (mastermind of Al Qaeda).  What I discovered led to the White King Trilogy back then.

I don’t know where the Justice Department’s investigations will lead.   But, I do believe that in “pulling the string,” that string will lead them back to the former CIA Director. (And sadly, and horrifyingly, to the intelligence heads of Australia, Canada, the UK, Italy, and the Ukraine.)

Stay tuned, Mr. Brennan.   I believe that somewhere in Washington, DC a 21st Century Elliot Ness has been hired.  And he is coming for you.

All of this is just my conjecture at this time, of course.   It is my opinion.   But, it is not an uneducated opinion.   You may scoff. That is your prerogative. After all, how could a lowly American citizen be expected to actually spot Bad Guys in the Washington swamp?

2 thoughts on “The Blackmail Attempt

  1. Theresa Wagar

    Well said, Lee! One other question to consider, since these actions occured under the Obama / Biden White House, how much did the president know? He doesn’t have any of the excuses Reagan had during the Iran Contra scandal. Nor do I believe he has the people who will protect him if he did have knowledge (perhaps even ordered) the blackmail. Time will tell.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I just discovered your blog and look forward to enjoying more of your writing. I read your first book after you recommended it at one one of Louise Phillips’ meetings many, many moons ago. So glad you are continuing!!

    1. Lee Kessler Post author

      Theresa, I appreciate your comments. And I definitely hope you read “White King Rising” and “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame” The first book set the stage for the entire trilogy.
      Regarding whether Obama was involved, you are right. Time will tell. It’s a question of the timeline. This activity took place to set up the Steele Dossier as credible. The press coverage added more credibility. Sen. McCain’s involvement added more. To be honest, I think the goal was to get people suspicious enough to begin other investigations. A lie told often enough becomes the truth, and I think a number of people were “played.” Among them, Pres. Obama. The Counterintelligence investigation now known as “Crossfire Hurricane” I understand could only be done on behalf of the President. So, I think it is safe to assume he knew about that, but whether he knew about a coup attempt or not, I don’t know.

      The John Brennans of the world don’t really care about the political party. They want to control. I expect he had Obama under his control, and failed to get Trump under control. But, as evidence and documents surface, we will get an idea of who did what, and when. And who knew what, and when.
      One needs to ask, however, who John Brennan’s handler is. Hint: In my opinion, it is someone outside the US. My gut hunch is that Director Brennan is a mole working for another country or entity.


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