Who Is Christopher Wray?

WHO is Christopher Wray?   Yes, he is the FBI Director who replaced James Comey.  He is the top cop in the US.

Unless he has been on vacation for the last two years, he knows that the Steele Dossier was the key reason the FBI sought a warrant from the FISA Court, to spy on an American and the Trump Campaign.   And he must know that the validity of that document has now been debunked, and almost everyone in America knows it was never verified, that it was a political dirty trick paid for by the DNC and Clinton Campaign, etc.

He also knows that his own Inspector General is about to wrap up an investigation into possible FISA abuse by the FBI, in presenting a bogus document to the court where they certified its authenticity.  That warrant led to 2 years of investigations and the Special Counsel.

So, why, about two weeks ago, did he on his own seal a State Department document that establishes the State Department knew Steele was a liar, and warned the FBI–before James Comey signed the affidavit and took it to the judge–that this was suspect, and just political activity? Why did he classify a previously unclassified document–and why was it sealed for 25 years?! And why was it withheld from his own Inspector General?!!!

In 25 years, I will likely be gone.   You may be too.   Your grandchildren may find out what Wray appears to be hiding.   But for now, the timing could not be more suspicious.

And it begs the question, what is he hiding?   Who is he protecting?  And above all, who is Christopher Wray, really?   And who is he working for?

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