The Reverse Dead Agent

In the world of Black Propaganda there is a handling for the lies and subversion a Black Propagandist trades in.   When one is defaming you and trying to destroy you with lies, innuendo and gossip, you handle it by flooding the area with TRUE data.   That way, the truth overwhelms the false data, and casts doubt upon–not just the content–but the deliverer of the Black Propaganda as well.

You get out in front of them by explaining what they are going to do next and why, and why that is a lie because here is the truth.   Basically, you are knocking down their credibility before they attack, so that if and when they do, the viewer or listener doubts them and dismisses their awful data.

For some months now I have been educating you to aspects of the world of intelligence and propaganda, especially used in warfare and politics.   And we have talked about my character “Samir” from the White King Trilogy, who inserted himself inside the American mainstream media, political arenas, and law enforcement to  corrupt their motives and reasoning.

Well, today I want to point out that “Samir” is hard at work, and I don’t want you to fall victim to him.  He is a master of Black Propaganda, and he also knows what his target will do to defend themselves, by using  the data I just gave you.

So, he has reversed it.   Quite delicious actually.   Here’s how it works.   If you have been spreading lies for the purpose of destroying someone, and you realize that the targeted individual has now spotted you, what you are doing, and how you are doing it, you have to Dead Agent them before they can get the truth out.

Knowing that they will get truth out, all the truly evil, insidious Black Propagandist has to do is talk about what you are likely to do and say, and undermine your credibility or the accuracy of the content of what you have discovered, and are about to expose–BEFORE YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET THE TRUTH OUT.

Therefore the viewer or listener has been inoculated against the truth by lies, which Dead Agent you before you can Dead Agent him.   The key is the Bad Guy has to speak FIRST.   He has to get out in front of you. Not only out in front of you, but he has to expose the truth, but color it and communicate it as if it were a lie.

So, instead of GOOD getting out in front of the BAD, the BAD reverses it.

Let me give you an example from this week.   As you know, I have called your attention to former CIA Director John Brennan many times.   Well, this week he said something very interesting.

Once the news broke that the Attorney General had established a US Attorney and former Federal Prosecutor to investigate the origins of the Russia Investigation, several people formerly from the top level of the FBI, CIA, and National Intelligence started squawking. One lied, one tried to wiggle and justify and reduce the significance of what might be discovered.   But one engaged in a Dead Agenting of “White Propaganda.”

Director Brennan said in essence, ( not an exact quote, but close to it) “I expect they’ll find that some mistakes were made, and they’ll misrepresent them to the public.” He knows that this investigation if it is done properly is likely to discover real and serious crimes perpetrated against the President, and against fellow countrymen of ours–citizens of the United States.  The crimes will not be small, and the penalties could be severe.   And, he knows that he will be amongst the persons eventually found.  I hope you caught then that he has started a campaign to undermine the validity of what will be found, the accuracy and context of what will be found, and the character and motives of the investigators who will unearth the conspiracy.

Make no mistake, the TRUTH is going to come out here.   The only unanswered question is who gets to you FIRST, the Black Propagandist or the Truth Teller?   It’s a race now to see who can Dead Agent the other first.   Sadly, my money is on Director Brennan.  Why?   He is a “shadows” guy who lies for a living, and he knows Propaganda Warfare, and Black Propaganda.   This subterranean world may be new to you, but it is part and parcel of the make up of Intelligence.  He knows exactly how to place lies on rumor and gossip lines, and he knows also how to get your truth to be discredited before you have even revealed it, and how to get your integrity and motives to be impugned by subtle suggestion–even before you have begun.

Nice trick, isn’t it?   Well, here’s another one.   Donald J. Trump was never the target–not the real one.   You are.   So, it’s time to spot this reverse Dead Agenting, and dismiss its plausibility before it takes hold in your mind.

Be alert.   These guys think you are too stupid to notice.   I, however, do not hold that thought about you, or me.

One thought on “The Reverse Dead Agent

  1. Tanii Carr

    I continue to be dazzled by what you unearth, Lee! As one who has studied PR, including Black Propaganda, your insight and discovery is profound. You make it real. I hope more people see this and take heed so as not to be duped!


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