What If? The Why

The working cliché in the Press, Military and Intelligence world is that Zawahiri is driven by religion–his goal to recreate the Caliphate.  What if it had nothing to do with that?

What if that is his cover story, and he knows behavior analysts will fall for it.   I discovered that he sought a relationship with Bin Laden, but became bitter about Bin Laden funding another group with more money than he was giving to Egyptian Islamic Jihad (Zawahiri’s group).  I came upon the fact that he persuaded Usama Bin Laden that the head of that other group, who was Bin Laden’s own mentor, had betrayed him to the Americans.  It was Fake News by the way.  Believing it however, Bin Laden had his own closest colleague killed.

Guess who then got the money? Yep, if you know your Shakespeare, Zawahiri assumed the “Iago” position as wingman to Usama Bin Laden–who “unwittingly” had become “Othello.”  Ironic!  I concluded he was driven by money and that he would hide in plain site in financial communities. Further, with his medical/pharmaceutical background he would attack us in a very unsuspected way.  The attack would be unconventional, and even bright minds who pride themselves in thinking asymmetrically would miss it.

Remember, he is driven by an insatiable lust for control and money.  That determines the games he plays.

More to come…

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