What if? The Who

After 9/11, I believe most aware Americans realized that the world as we knew it had ended.  We would have to choose the new world we would live in.

(The word “crisis” in Chinese translates, I believe, as “opportunity riding a dangerous wind.” That’s a good way to look at the peril we faced then, and the peril we face now.)

For a brief time our country came together.  No matter our skin color, religion, age, gender, nationality–we were all AMERICANS.  And WE had been egregiously attacked.

But, by 2004, I observed that we were being divided and had become angry with one another.  The creation of hostility from brother to brother, and friend to friend did not begin with Trump. It began long before.  This disturbed me, and I began to look.  What I saw changed the direction of my life, and it may change yours.   I concluded our division was a result of a military strategy, “divide and conquer.”   AND that it was being done from within–meaning what the military would call a 5th Column inside the United States whose goal was sabotage, and to break the solidarity of the American people.

Oddly enough, I have an interesting and unique background:   I have been a student of the mind and human behavior for 3 decades; I own a marketing company; and I am a TV actress who has had the opportunity to play real people on numerous occasions.

This caused me to hypothesize that the attack against us would be psychological and covert.  Asking myself WHO would likely do that, the New Yorker Magazine provided a clue.  I remembered it had an article during the Clinton Administration naming the two most dangerous men on the planet according to the Mossad.  They had tried to warn us that these men would kill a lot of people, and that they were smarter than the Mossad–always seeming to be out in front of them.  I took that as a challenge, and decided to see what I could “see.”

Surprisingly, the names were Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Mohammed Atef.   NOTE:  not Bin Laden. At the moment I spotted that out-point, I was on a divergent path from the Media, our Government, and possibly even Intelligence/Counterintelligence.

Looking up Ayman Al-Zawahiri on the FBI site, I observed something that was missing.   How?  It’s a talent I have developed.   When you are logical, some things that are missing just jump off the page.   I made a separate note to myself and under a “Strategy” column I was keeping I jotted down “Hide in Plain Sight.”

He and Bin Laden carried the same $25 Million bounty, yet all eyes were on Bin Laden.  Despite the fact that Zawahiri is considered the Mastermind of Al Qaeda, all attention was directed toward Bin Laden.  I hate to break the news to our Media and Government, but the “Mastermind” is the one creating the goals and strategies.  Yet, we were chasing Bin Laden.

So, I chased Zawahiri.   A simple Google search revealed something very interesting to me.  He is an Egyptian doctor, who formed his own terror cell at age 15, and he was implicated in the assassination of Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat.  Never convicted, he became the head of the famed Egyptian Islamic Jihad.   He became a medical doctor.   And one side of his family has a long background in pharmacology.

So, first paradigm:   We think all young, small boys are good.   It is an American paradigm that children are good, and our media panders, and becomes offended if someone challenges the idea that not all young men crossing our border are good young boys simply coming for a better life.   My theory is that this small, young man was in fact a “bad seed.”   And that he had sent others.  (More on that later.) A little bit of extra research yielded the fact that he himself crossed into our country and was fund-raising in California.  Why?

Next stop:  His motivation.

2 thoughts on “What if? The Who

  1. Roger

    I liked what you said. Seems like what’s going on with the Republicans and Democrats is exactly what our enemies want.
    I only had basic schooling in my life but I can see and relate to what you’re saying.

  2. Tanii Carr

    Ah, you leave us with a mystery! Now we have to read your next post, Lee, to find out more. As usual, you make some good and important points and raise issues that we need to watch. Thank you.


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