What If…?

What if you were a person who wanted to take control of the world?  Don’t scoff.  Only the most naïve amongst us would assume the last bad, ambitious, controller died with Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot.

In all of man’s history there has always been that “guy” (Feminists relax.   You are included.) who feels they should control everyone and everything.   They are driven by fear. Unless they can control, they believe they can not survive.   So, the lust for power is driven by terror.   And this “guy” will destroy all freedom, all thought, and anyone or anything to ensure his survival.

All right, what if you were that “guy?”  How would you take over if you had limited money, manpower, and military capability? Who would you have to reduce, disempower, neutralize or annihilate  to open the field to your supremacy?

Those questions were the genesis of the research and understanding that led to “White King and the Doctor.”  The renowned filmmaker, Ivan Passer, who directed the films “Stalin,” “Creator,” and “Cutter’s Way” wrote, “Lee Kessler’s almost clairvoyant take on the mindset of the United States’ deadly enemy creates an exhilarating sense of getting to know him–the most important step on the path to his annihilation.”

In the next few blogs I will lay out how I discovered, almost 14 years ago now, the truths–the WHO, the HOW, the WHAT, and the WHY–that led to the White King Trilogy.  And hopefully reveal why you feel the books were prophetic. You are in fact living the White King Trilogy–all 3 books simultaneously right now.

There is hope in my opinion.  There are solutions.  But not if we continue to use the same paradigms the enemy used to entrap us.

Buckle up.  What do you say we blow up some paradigms?

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