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Something Nancy Said…

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Something Nancy Pelosi said about two weeks before the election caught my attention. I had an uneasy feeling then, and am dead certain now. In one of her many appearances in front of the news media, adjusting her color-coordinated mask, she seemed to be preparing all Democrat supporters for something they would experience on election night. She said words to this effect. (This is not an exact quote, but it is very close to it.)

Do not worry or be concerned on election night. Donald Trump may appear to be winning, maybe winning by a landslide on election night. But don’t worry. No matter what it looks like, by the time ALL the ballots are counted we will have won, and will have put Joe Biden in the White House.

A Press that has no intellectual curiosity whatsoever, and no critical thinking ability either, did not notice an obvious outpoint. It is the outpoint that stuck with me. Her assertion that even if Trump won by a landslide on election night, he would lose in the ensuing days was outrageous. If an election is close, and one candidate appears to have won at midnight, it is possible of course for the opponent to gain ground to wipe out a narrow gap.

But, one needs to ask, “How the hell do you wipe out a “landslide?” How do you reverse multiple states simultaneously, erasing huge margins of victory?

So, it begs the question, what did Nancy know? Why was she reassuring her hyper-emotional constituency that everything would be ok in the end–no matter how distressing the evening of Nov. 3 might appear?

There are now more than 11000 sworn affidavits by people who are alleging–under penalty of perjury–fraud or irregularities, spread throughout multiple states. That makes the “battlefield” extremely expansive and diverse, involving different states and their laws. Daunting task. The probable strategy: death by a thousand cuts.

We do not know how this will play out in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain: This is a contested election. Do you understand that Mitt Romney? Do you understand that Chris Wallace? Do you understand that CNN? Do you understand that everyone? Whether you wanted it to be over with on Nov. 3 and the result all wrapped up in a tidy package, tied with a bow, is now a moot point. It is what it is.

Like it or not–there are procedures and rules that govern elections and which cover what happens when results are contested and a candidate will not concede. The candidates represent the people who voted for them, and they have every right to try to ensure that the outcome matched the true will of the people.

We are a nation of laws. We operate anchored on our Constitution, and each state has their constitution. They also have election laws that the Legislative Branch of the state government has created over time. We operate by the Rule of Law–not the Rule of Dictate by the Fourth Estate, or marauding riotous mobs. We have Due Process.

This will play out in courts across America over the next few weeks. There is nothing Hitlerian, or Stalinist about it. To exercise one’s rights under the Constitution is not an act of Sedition. So, whether Nancy wants to say this or not, I am suggesting to her Democrat constituents, and to other Republican elites, that “no matter what it looked like the day or two after the election, in the end, you may have cause to be upset.”

As for me, I am a citizen, like you, who has voted proudly in every election since I turned 21. A few days before election day I drove 8 hours all told to get my 91-year-old brother out of an Assisted Living facility–even though it meant he would be quarantined for two weeks–because he had never missed a vote either. He is a Korean War veteran and really wanted to vote.

And, if even one vote was illegally cast and counted, then that vote–cast by a cheater–has cancelled my vote or perhaps cancelled my brother’s vote. I am a fair-minded person. If I lose in a fair fight, I will take my licks and come back another day. Donald Trump is no different than me. He has rights, and one of them is his right to fight on.

We allowed Al Gore to pursue the legal path when he felt he had been wrongfully robbed of the victory. We will go down this legal path now too. Enjoy the walk on the path of the Rule of Law, even if for some of you it feels like a walk into scary, unknown territory. Lawlessness though is truly hard on you. You will find a peace in following the law.

The Man in the Snow with the Wind in His Face

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It seems like a century ago, though it was only about 10 days. He stood in the snow, with bitter cold winds blowing in his face. Exuberantly he talked to the 20 or 30,000 Americans who stood with him in the snow and cold, to talk about our future.

That is a metaphor for President Trump. He has stood up to withering attacks and “cold North winds” for 4 years. And the people–by the tens of thousands–have stood with him. He has fought hard for all the American people in every arena of our lives. And we must stand with him, and fight beside him now for those very things.

Though the Media withheld all of these accomplishments from half our population, and censored anyone near the end of the campaign who posted on social media about what has been done for the people, those accomplishments are real. They are not a PR campaign. They are affecting real people, in positive ways.

Lest you be tempted to wimp out and retreat, accepting defeat just because Fox News told you that you lost, I want you to pause a minute and think about what we lose if we lose President Trump. If we lose in a fair fight with all legal votes counted, and all illegal votes thrown out, then fine. But, we have a ways to go before conceding. Fair fight or not though, we still lose the following:

For my black American friends and colleagues, here is what you lose if Donald Trump goes away. The Democrats have no programs or plans for you except what they have done for the last 70 years. They have nothing to replace these: You lose the Opportunity Zones that are bringing jobs and investment into the Inner Cities and poor rural areas to enable young men and women to work, and develop businesses, and prosper financially in the future. You lose School Choice for all of your children, relegating their education to the bottom of the heap. Trump has protected the income for HBCUs for 10 years, ashamed that previous Presidents forced them to come begging annually for funding. Knowing he will be gone by then, he gave those fine institutions as much security as he could. You may lose any Criminal Justice and Prison Sentence Reform unless it was done by the Congress.

Most important of all going forward, you will lose the Platinum Plan that he and Senator Tim Scott have created. Carrying an immense economic investment clout, it is a stunning move to enable black Americans to develop and expand businesses, employment, and prosperity. It is designed to close the wealth gap, by raising the wealth of black Americans, not by lowering the wealth of others.

You also will likely lose the lowest unemployment rate in history for Blacks and Hispanics. And lose the dramatic rise in wages that has occurred at the same time.

Now, what else do we as Americans lose? We lose Peace in the Middle East. You may not be aware that President Trump has been nominated for FIVE separate Nobel peace prizes!!!!! The Media did not even tell you about one. Just addressing the Abraham Accord, it is the most creative and innovative approach to the problems of the Mid-East ever conceived. The proof of that is that, if any other Administration had thought of it, they would have tried it. For 70 years no one did. Donald Trump did. And, it worked. However, if he goes away, and the Biden approach to Iran and the Mid-East returns, that peace agreement can not sustain.

You lose the jobs, factories, and manufacturing that Trump so painstakingly put together over four years. He brought American businesses home to America. A new Administration will take them global again.

You lose Energy Independence which we arrived at for the first time in my lifetime. That, by the way, was a key first building block that enabled us to forge a new approach to Peace in the Middle East. We could never have peace, because we needed their oil, and we were always drawn into conflicts that were all about oil. With energy independence, the United States can honestly broker a deal with Arab nations that they will trust.

You lose any hope of closing that border to drug dealers, human traffickers, murderous gangs, terrorists etc . The immigration issue needs to be solved, but not by fostering lawlessness.

You will lose effective vaccines–at least for now–for the China Virus. You will get in exchange Mask Mandates and Lockdowns.

You lose any hope of China being held accountable for the Virus, its global effects and devastation–let alone any hope of containing China’s voracious military and economic appetite.

You lose the Durham report, and any hope of indictments in the coup attempt. You lose the truth about the Ukraine hoax that led to the impeachment.

But, you will get to keep Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and rampant looting, arson, rioting, and destruction any time you disobey the demands of “the mob.” You will keep the Swamp too!

This is merely a partial list of what was accomplished and what I believe will perish if we lose this Presidential election. So, stand fast my friends. Do not weary in well-doing. Do not flinch or fade, appease or cower in the face of daunting odds and clamors to concede. Do not shut up just because CBS wants you to.

Thousands upon thousands of Americans like myself and you stood in the cold and snow, or heat and humidity to hear a man who cast a vision of a better America–for all its citizens, not just the privileged elite.

So, when you make your choice this week, I recommend you follow the war cry of the Gladiator in that wonderful movie as he and his men faced fierce, unfair, and overwhelming odds. “Hold the line!” Don’t cower, crying out, “Please, just make it go away!”

Donald J. Trump did not do this for himself. He did it for you. Now, take a deep breath and find out what you can do to help.

The next Blog will be “Something Nancy Said…” and the one after that will be “A Backup Plan.”

The Ultimate “October Surprise”

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While I write this, there is another story playing out that almost NO media is covering. That story is one I have been chasing and writing about periodically–for you–for two years. And the documents were just declassified and released–after months and years of demands by the Congress.

No agency has the right to stonewall and withhold information from the American people. NO AGENCY or AGENCIES. I am a writer of political fiction, fiction so plausible it became the truth. My antennae have been up on this, and my “swinish suspicion” as the writer of investigative fiction is working overtime. Who knows, it may become another book.

But, I have said to Director John Brennan and others to “stay tuned.” Well, this weekend, the information that members of Congress have begged for was released. Look it up. You won’t find it on CNN or MSNBC. You will need to search for it. DNI Radcliffe just released it, with the full motherload still classified. The data is factual. It will, in my opinion, become evidence in a court of law. It is not fictional “conspiracy theory.” The names are there. The incidents are there. The dots are connected.

Having said that, the diversion that is distracting all Americans today–and logically so–is the President of the United States and his battle with the China virus. He will win that battle. All of us will win that battle.

But, I can not take off my “hat” of writer of political fiction that turns out to be true. You will be directed to–like Pavlov’s dogs–salivate over the idea that if the President had not been out in public and treated mask wearing more seriously, he would not have gotten sick. You will be discouraged from realizing that the Gov. of Virginia–who wears masks religiously–also contracted the disease. Instead of being encouraged to learn something about virology, you will be directed to rote political rhetoric and condemnation.

If you have taken the bait, you are already finger-pointing, and you may not see something I see. The reason I mentioned the release of those documents has to do with the fact they PROVE a political dirty trick, conspiracy, and coordinated attack, the likes of which the United States has never experienced. If you were to accept them as true, you will be in a state of shock, and true righteous indignation–determined to never allow people like this to get power again. This story is like a major Hollywood political thriller. Regrettably, it is true.

The distraction, to keep you away from even looking? The “October Surprise” of the President’s illness, and the illness of others. The coverage of it gives you something to be self-righteous about. Be careful, my friends. You are being played.

Interesting to me, and hopefully to you, is the fact that not only did the President come down with this, but also his closest advisor Hope Hicks. Also, the First Lady. But–PAY ATTENTION HERE NOW–also the head of the Republican National Committee. Her job is monumental. She is responsible for the election of every Republican House Member and Senator, as well as the President.

To have her sidelined too is to potentially wipe out an entire Party’s ability to campaign in the final weeks of an election vital to the interest of all Americans.

Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee who will determine the next Supreme Court Justice also fell ill.

The President’s debate coach also fell ill.

And the Chinese Press officially endorsed the other candidate, while the President of the United States could have been mortally wounded.

Stupidity you say? That’s the pat, propaganda line. Coincidence you say? I doubt it.

Granted, I am just a lowly fiction writer. Who am I to challenge conventional wisdom? I connect dots differently. And, as I connect the dots here, they do connect–the top story in this Blog, and the President’s story.

And if you will take the time to ferret out what that top story is, I think you can see why this “October Surprise” is such a brilliant and bold diversion to keep American citizens from seeing what their government has done to them in the last 5 years.

There is always a “who.” I would like someone to help me identify the man standing directly to the right of Hope Hicks at the most recent rally. I will recognize him, but I do not know his name.

There is something I want to check. And, perhaps I can connect an important “dot.”

21st Century Pavlov’s Dogs

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If you have read my novel, “White King Rising,” you may remember that the propaganda chief for Al Qaeda–a man named Samir– was tasked with bringing America down from within, using our core values and our Constitution to undermine the institutions of education, family, religion, justice, military, and the long-revered Free Press.

The character “Samir” created a diabolical and brilliant strategy to get us to destroy ourselves. That strategy involved attempting to perform remote mind control upon the American people. To the readers, it was a daring and shocking supposition.

However, today we are living through the hell of what is now nothing short of prophetic insight into how you can get normally sane, rational, thinking people to turn into a mob, at your command. It was accomplished in my fiction, and it is being accomplished now in your world, your state, your city, your living room.

To discover how, one has to be willing to look creatively at the the work of Ivan Pavlov, the Russian scientist. Most of you know something about Pavlov and his experiments with conditioned responses in dogs. He was studying the relationship between a stimulus and its conditioned response physiologically. Whether he liked Lenin, or Stalin, is a moot point. The work he did laid a foundation for some really insidious mind control technologies.

Make no mistake. Pavlov was not experimenting with dogs because he was running a dog training academy. He was not running an obedience program for wayward pups. Not having the permission to work on human subjects yet, he began where most scientists do–working in a laboratory on animals. In this case it was dogs. And the results were conclusive.

Conclusive enough that authoritarian regimes have been using the technology against theirs and others’ citizens for all of the 20th century, and now massively and surreptitiously in the 21st Century.

The only way a bad guy could in fact control billions of people on planet earth would be to find a way to get the men and women to control and restrain themselves. Thus the stimulus-response technologies of propaganda and public relations today.

In Black Propaganda, the technology is simple. Just link an emotional response–one that is violent and visceral–to a person, a word, a symbol. If the message which produces the negative emotion is repeated often enough, all it takes eventually is for the targeted person to show up, or a word to be spoken, or a symbol to be presented, and the response of people is knee-jerk and unthinking.

Over time, the constant repetition of the message, coinciding with a situation which produces a response–usually of fear, anger, hatred–creates a short circuit that now renders emotional stability, critical thinking, or logic, unable to enter. One simply reacts to the “button” when it has been punched.

And men and women are reduced to salivating dogs just as Pavlov’s were when they heard the buzzer in the presence of food. Later, the food was taken away but the buzzer remained. If the buzzer was pressed, even though there was no food, the dogs would salivate. Today, if the “crisis” buzzer is pressed, even though there is no real crisis at the moment, the emotional response occurs anyway.

I would like to suggest to you that this explains a great deal of the mystery you are experiencing when you see people going off halfcocked, like lynch mobs being directed by some shadowy hidden figure. When you see normally rational people turn into seething, close-minded hatred of another person or group–without any apparent current provocation–just know that someone has planted a propaganda button about a person, group, or idea. Then, in the future, when you expect to rationally discuss or debate some issue or person, you are greeted by the rabid barking of a human being whose logic has been short-circuited. And who no longer retains a control over his emotions, and his subsequent actions. An example of such a button is: “America is systemically racist.”

Quite a conundrum, isn’t it? To solve problems in present time, you have to talk about them, discuss them, create solutions for them, persuade others to embrace your ideas and solutions. But, if the person you are talking to is “conditioned” to hate you because of the color of your hat, or the color of your skin, or whether or not you wear a mask at all times, you are in the world of stimulus-response, and someone is punching the “buttons” of you and those you are trying to talk to.

If you are not in control of your own mind, and you allow yourself to be controlled by words and symbols other people have planted in your mind to produce an immediate emotional response, then just recognize this: My character “Samir” is real. He and others like him have an agenda. And your well-being is not part of it. “Samir” wants you to do his bidding without you even knowing he gave the command. He sees you like a “salivating dog.” It would be a tragedy if you fulfilled his demented vision and became one.

Rachel Maddow’s Latest

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This week, while driving home from Montana, I listened to the revelation about the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE. For anyone who has lived long enough to know the struggle in that region, and our country’s part in it for decades, the magnitude of this agreement and the very unique and untried approach the President took to the problem over the last 3 years was patently obvious. Breathtakingly obvious. No one with any intellect or compassion could say anything other than this is HUGE.

The world we live in changed last week. It was changed by one man’s campaign promise. A promise kept. His vision started a chain of events and meetings that culminated with two brave, visionary leaders in the Mid-East striking a new accord.

The direction he took was forward–not backward. Trump looks forward to create the future. (A lesson Black Lives Matter sycophants could learn. We don’t go back down a time track to when things were worse. We go forward from where we are, and create something better.) Israel and the UAE shook off preconceptions, and past failures, and looked through new eyes, from a different angle, at a possible future.

A business mentor of mine often says, “Your past does not equal your future.” The President did not attempt to solely solve the Israeli/Palestinian issue which had embroiled the whole region for decades, if not centuries. He attacked the Israel and Arab states issue relevant to Iran, terrorism, and economic potential.

So, platitudes like “historic,” “huge,” “world-changing” seem to be the best we can do to express the magnitude of the shift in relations in that arena. But, this time, the platitudes apply.

Anyone who downplays this, or demeans it, or dismisses it, is frankly in the camp of those who destroy, not who create. Or they are too intellectually dim to comprehend, and should therefore lead no one.

Those of you who have read “White King and the Doctor” probably remember that the protagonist was an 18 year old Grandmaster chess champion who ended up discovering a very elaborate and layered chess game being played against us by a very brilliant enemy. Not relying on chest text books, or past Masters’ winning moves and games, Andy Weir was a “natural” chess player who simply played the invisible opponent in the moment, not by rote repetition of moves from the past. He cracked the case. Trump and his team appear to have done the same.

Now for my point. Fox was covering it massively in their evening opinion shows. I decided to see what Rachel Maddow on MSNBC had to say about it. Turning to her channel, Maddow was not only not covering it at all, she was off on another conspiracy theory using “anonymous” sources and allegations of a document sealed somewhere that proved Trump had offered his golf course for a major tournament, and therefore she once again was establishing for her viewers just how vile and criminal our President is. At least that is the gist of what I gathered. In her mind, she was laying the foundation for yet another “impeachable offense.” Stunningly vacuous!

For the last three years–if you slowed down to observe and really think about the various actions we took that led to this accord–Donald J. Trump has been playing Three-dimensional Chess. And Rachel Maddow has been playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Here’s a link to: where you can read that book, and learn what it takes to be able to play 3-dimensional chess!