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How You Know You’ve Been Conned, Part 2

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Hopefully we won’t have a Part 3 or Part 30. That’s up to you. But, right now, I can predict there will be a Part 2. I guess if the “Media” can predict election results, I can predict what is coming next for ALL OF US.

Last week Monday, the first, long-awaited vaccine was released and began distribution. As far as I know things are going well. Friday, approval for the second vaccine was granted, and I believe it will be distributed according to the plan, starting Monday. It is likely that will go well too.

Please keep in mind that one year ago we did not even know about this virus, let alone have gone through months of “house arrest”–otherwise known as self-quarantining, or worse yet, mandatory lockdowns. We had not shut down the economy, here or globally. We had not witnessed millions of our countrymen out of work, losing their jobs, their businesses, their homes, and, for many, their minds.

We had not lost our hope of seeing family, of hugging, of smiling and having people engage. In essence we lost us, and our way of life–all to protect a vulnerable group. We did it. And we were programmed to wait for the vaccine, to stay safe and keep others safe until the vaccine. Somehow, miraculously, this vaccine would not only keep us safe, but it would give us our lives back.

Well Operation Warpspeed, as put together by the President yielded an abundance. We have not just one vaccine, but TWO. And, a third close at hand.

So, one would think that would do the trick. But no. Mark my words. If the medical people, and certain politicians at all levels of government have not already begun to do so, this is what they will do.

Soon you will begin reading about and hearing about the virus mutating. (Viruses do that, by the way. They usually mutate weaker, but what the heck. We all deserve to be flat terrified all of our lives, don’t we?) You will be told that, since the mutation is inevitable, or even happening right now, there is no certainty that the vaccines will work on the newest version of the virus.

Therefore you should continue to wear your masks, keep your distance, refuse to travel, cancel all holidays and plans, and accept the absolute and final accuracy and authority of the medial and scientific community in power at the moment. You should be willing to remain unemployed, or to see your businesses bleed to death, and your savings shrivel–just to make sure… The argument will be compelling, and it will guilt-trip you.

Even though you have been immunized by a vaccine, or immunized by having had the China Virus and developed your own antibodies, or you may be naturally immune, the “authorities” will cast doubt upon your immunity, and they will attempt to keep you hunkered down, out of communication with the world, and hiding from a possible future version of the virus. So, no matter how great the scientists and pharmaceutical companies were in getting a solution that should allow us to open up life again, you will be told you can’t.

Mark my words. This will happen. There is nothing I would rather be more wrong about than this! I would sleep better at night if I were wrong! In fact, most of what I write about, I would prefer to be wrong about–and am prepared happily to be so!

Unfortunately, I understand the mind of those who would control their fellow man, who would assume power over them, and hold them in submission–afraid to do something as simple as walk outside without a mask.

When and if you start hearing that these vaccine saviors may not be good enough for this brilliant virus, it will be time to put your foot down. And face the statistical data of what the survival rate is for those who get it. First, you will be very happy to know the survivability, and you will freely skip about into your life. Second, you will become really angry. For you will realize you are just now discovering something that has been known–and resisted–for many months. Do your research. Find out the survivability percentage of those who have gotten it. And, even those who are most vulnerable. What is their survivability?

And that, my friends, will be how you know you have been conned, part 2.

End this game here. We all have a lot of living to do, before we die. In the next Blog, I will show you the mechanism used to keep something going indefinitely. So simple, so profound.

How You Know You’ve Been Conned

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Pfizer applied for Emergency Use Authorization for their Covid-19 vaccine immediately upon completing the trials successfully. Great Britain’s health organization met immediately and approved it for use. People in Great Britain started receiving the vaccine. Even Bahrain embraced it.

Not here, though. Despite the fact the President had authorized millions of doses to be manufactured in advance, and ready the second the drug was approved–and tasked a General to handle logistics and distribution–the United States did not launch quickly.

Why? The FDA. Despite the urgency of getting the vaccine out–with the whole world waiting for it, and the threat of more Americans becoming infected and possibly dying, the FDA set their hearing almost three weeks after the application was made.

Geez, I hope this didn’t interrupt your golf game, FDA!! They were in no rush. They set a December hearing, held it, and then waited another two days to approve it.

And that is how you know you have been conned.

Is the virus real? Yes. Is it deadly? For some, yes. For those who are very sick, are the therapeutics essential? You bet. For those who are afraid of getting it, whose lives have turned into a virtual house arrest, should the vaccine arrive “yesterday,” as the saying goes? Yes.

If our officials were truly concerned about all the “news” about rising infections and the spread of new cases–and the ensuing percentage of deaths that could occur each day the virus is spreading–why would they not hold their hearing immediately, even in the middle of the night if necessary? After all, by their logic, each day that goes by, more people are getting this virus. And if more people are getting it, more people will die, right? So, why would you wait even one day to authorize the release of a preventative vaccine? Why would you risk even one more American life?

After all, we have been told and told and told and told that we have to stay locked down until a vaccine arrives. We have been told we are killers to even want to try to work, or save our businesses, or even take a walk–that we must shrink and restrain ourselves from all normal activities until the vaccine arrives.

So, why the three week delay in even reviewing the request? Is it that they don’t care that more Americans in that three weeks would be exposed to and contract the disease, possibly die from it? Are those unsuspecting Americans unimportant? How many did contract it from Nov. 20-Dec.11?

Apparently this virus is not really that great a concern to them. It’s the lack of sense of urgency at the FDA that tells you, you have been conned! It is a real threat, but not one that should have stopped you cold for 10 months. The President and his team moved heaven and earth to get a vaccine created, only to have a mysterious hold interposed. Friends, if they had started the review on Nov. 20 when the request first came in–after all it wasn’t like the whole world hasn’t been waiting for this, and they knew it was coming–and if the review took 20 days, we might accept it as “procedural” and “cautionary.” But to not even start the review until Dec. 9 is a glaring oddity.

Either this virus is not as threatening as you have been led to believe, or our FDA is incompetent and tone deaf. If this is a reflection of their “professionalism,” I certainly don’t want any form of government control of my health care.

Someone took this virus and used it for other purposes, for other agendas. And the sooner, my friends, you realize that, the better. As the saying goes–Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

News Flash: Nobody Does This Legally

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Legal ballots are NEVER delivered in suitcases and hidden under a skirted table until after all poll watchers and most vote counters, and all local media, have been sent home–only to be brought out and counted by 4 remaining people! NEVER!! THAT’S IT, PERIOD!!!

And no one LEGALLY shreds voting machine hard-drives during a CONTESTED ELECTION. NEVER!! THAT’S IT, PERIOD!!!

The first happened on election night; the second is happening now.

To my fellow countrymen, what are you going to do about it????

They’re Back!

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Often I take the time to point out a military strategy or tactic that I perceive to be in play in current events. I see one now that I want to illuminate for you. That tactic is “diversion.” We are massively diverting our attention right now to the election, recounts, court challenges etc. Those actions are all justified, but my sneaky mind says, “Lee, what are we not looking at? What are we missing?

You may need to put on a seat belt for the rest of this!

72.3 million of us voted for Donald J. Trump. Lawyers are battling now in 6 states, I believe, regarding varying types and degrees of voting “irregularities.” That’s a pretty wimpy word for an apparent attempt to overturn an election through fraud. I will let the experts and people responsible for this battle handle the string-pulling and evidence gathering.

My attention is on something else. The law firm hired by the DNC and presumably the Biden Campaign is Perkins Coie. Remember this name. You need to start getting this. Perkins Coie represented the DNC and the Clinton Campaign as well.

Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS, and, for those of you who have actually watched testimony on Capitol Hill, or who have read transcripts of hearings, and seen internal now-declassified emails, you will recognize that name. Glen Simpson is the head of Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to write the now-debunked Steele Dossier. That dossier was maliciously planted, used, and led to a 2 year Mueller Investigation that found no collusion whatsoever between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Moreover, Steele himself has admitted it is unverifiable, and the “so-called” source has said it is not true–that it was a bunch of bar talk.

Well, that “bar talk” and “gossip” cost the American taxpayer $40 million dollars if I remember correctly, ruined the lives of countless Americans, and it put this country through hell for 3 years as Washington bureaucrats tried to find the President guilty of something he did not do. Fusion GPS is admittedly an “opposition research” firm. They created that debacle. Opposition research should be factual, even if lurid. To make it fiction, as well as lurid, should be criminal.

In any case, Glen Simpson is on the job again. Fusion GPS has been hired once again, and is currently working on something for the DNC. Wonder what new deception they are cooking up? It wasn’t election fraud, or machine ballot counting being done in Barcelona and Frankfurt, using a software purportedly created by Hugo Chavez for the purpose of election fraud. It could be. But my gut tells me it is something else. Something waiting in the wings, just in case the election night fraud scheme backfires.

In any case, they are back! Our Justice system did nothing to Fusion GPS, nor Glen Simpson, nor Christopher Steele. So, they have safely and with impunity started working on a new project for their employer. I expect Steele will have been jettisoned. But Fusion GPS and the DNC are up to something.

Follow the money, and follow their connection lines, and I suspect you will discover who masterminded the Propaganda War we are living through right now with this election. You will find who is staging a coup against the American people and our government.

Now I realize “them’s fightin’ words!” So be it. I have as much a right to my opinions as CNN has to theirs.

I have left clues in earlier Blogs. But, you might want to revisit the Blogs “All Roads Lead to Rome” and “All Roads Lead to Rome 2,” and “All Roads Lead to Rome 3.” (Archive dates 3/22/2019, 3/30/2019, and 4/1/2019) The same cast of characters keeps popping up.

And while your attention is on Dominion Software and Smartmatic? (and rightfully so) you need to also look really closely at our CIA. Very especially former CIA Director John Brennan. Stay tuned Mr. Brennan!

The Outrageous Truth

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Over a year ago I laid out various military strategies that might be waged upon us in a Propaganda or Information War. The importance of the use of psychological warfare can not be overestimated–if your goal is to suppress people, and create a totalitarian regime.

To weaken a country, or a people, one looks to break the solidarity of the people, and to sabotage their ability to think and reason. Once the target group is rendered impotent in terms of reason and logic, they are ripe for the taking.

Two tactics are used by everyone in Propaganda. You will recognize both.

The first is: the lie told often enough becomes the truth. That is why incessant hammering by the Media on the population has caused people to not be able to differentiate between a lie and a truth, between a fact and an opinion. It is the repetition of message–done almost verbatim–that eventually overwhelms one’s mind. Soon, you find yourself doubting your own reality. Or, worse yet, repeating what you heard and embracing it as truth. The lie told often enough becomes the truth.

I think we all can identify a plethora of that phenomena. But, the second one is equally deadly. Both of these tactics by the way were embraced by Hitler, and subsequent totalitarians. They knew they had to override the normal decent nature of people. Mind control done through drip drip propaganda did the trick.

Here’s the second, and I encourage everyone to really pay attention! It renders even the truth-teller almost impotent. Here it is: Tell a truth so outrageous it is dismissed as a lie. You can tell a truth about some dastardly thing you are going to do, and have it be so outrageous in its concept that the mind of good people dismisses it summarily. Then, with them not paying any attention to it, you go ahead and follow through with what you said.

You could also be someone who discovers an outrageous truth, and articulates it to warn folks. But, it is dismissed or vilified immediately, and your communication now falls on deaf ears.

One tactic wants open ears to the point you embrace the lie. And the other wants closed ears so you dismiss and ignore the truth. Either one opens the door to some terrible mischief.

We are living through the latter tactic right now. Two days ago, President Trump and his legal team told the nation a truth so outrageous the Media and politicians piled on, eviscerated it, and tossed it and the messengers into the trash.

That “truth” so outrageous it is causing even the most fair-minded to reel? So hard to look at, let alone accept? The assertion that our election and the precious ballots which represent the will of the people have been corrupted by machines from a foreign dictatorship, by software developed to look normal, but to cheat when needed, by real-time monitors who can surreptitiously change results, and those ballots are being counted and stored on servers–not in the United States–but in Barcelona and Frankfurt!

Now, that is outrageous! That is crazy, you say. Be careful here. Most Americans have already been compromised by “the lie told often enough.” By default, that makes it much harder to discern an opposing “truth.”

Slow down here, my friends. Don’t be too quick to judge, or dismiss. Don’t turn a blind eye. These machines have been used for several years now. I wonder how many other elections–local, state, or federal–have had a remote potential?

The reason I want you to slow down–even though it is terrifying–is this. Yesterday, the Trump team stated the “truth.” They were promptly vilified over and over and over again. Yet, here’s the kicker. Today, just 24 hours later, the Dominion Elections machine execs failed to come to a Pennsylvania state hearing to discuss the machines. 24 hours ago they asserted loudly their innocence, saying the machines are great, and not capable of doing what is alleged. They said there was no software connection with Smartmatic, and it is absurd to think ill of them. They said they wanted to come and explain their side of it, explain the reality so we all could understand and feel good about our election.

But today, they no-showed the hearing. They lawyered up, and under advice of counsel, decided it was best to just keep their mouths shut. That’s good legal advice, but it sure does not reassure us. It is reported also, although I can not verify this yet, that they closed their offices and deleted their Linked In profiles etc.

Now, by anyone’s definition, that is suspicious. Too bad we are talking about the election of the President of the United States, and not a local election for dog catcher!

(By the way, this same exact phenomena occurred with Fusion GPS, its owner Glenn Simpson, and “I take the 5th” testimony. Ultimately that company, the DNC, and Clinton campaign–this is all documented, undisputed public record now–gave us the Steele Dossier, the Russia Collusion Hoax, and the Mueller Investigation. And every one who tried to sound the alarm on that company was vilified. A truth so outrageous…)

Your future lives depend now on us not rushing to judgment on Trump Team’s claims or evidence. This will prove true or not true. My hunch? It is true. And God help us all if they pull this off, and get away with altering the outcome of the presidential election in the United States of America. This should not be a party thing.

Think about that. And, then think about this: Who really hired and sent them?

I was asked recently how it felt to be living inside one of my own novels. Well, sadly, we all are living inside this one. I would rather write novels about such perfidy, not live through it personally. So, that is what I am going to do.

Meanwhile, let the legal, rule of law, constitutional rights issues play out. Do not rush, lest you find out too late that this “outrageous truth” is actually just “truth.”