News Flash: Nobody Does This Legally

Legal ballots are NEVER delivered in suitcases and hidden under a skirted table until after all poll watchers and most vote counters, and all local media, have been sent home–only to be brought out and counted by 4 remaining people! NEVER!! THAT’S IT, PERIOD!!!

And no one LEGALLY shreds voting machine hard-drives during a CONTESTED ELECTION. NEVER!! THAT’S IT, PERIOD!!!

The first happened on election night; the second is happening now.

To my fellow countrymen, what are you going to do about it????

2 thoughts on “News Flash: Nobody Does This Legally

  1. Marcy Sanders

    And nobody transports a USPS truckload of ballots (between 180,000 and 220,000) from New York to Pennsyvania and then finds the trailer missing when its time to go back. And nobody puts stacks of ballots back through the machine after they are counted already—up to 8 times. And nobody mails in a ballot without ever folding it. And nobody has more votes counted than the number of registered voters in the state. And nobody has 90% of the registered voters vote. And nobody kicks out the poll watchers for challenging a ballot, which is their job, and then cheers as they are excorted out. And nobody has cases of ballots brought into the voting area in the middle of the night with no one monitoring it. On….and….on….

    And no one says they have no evidence, but doesn’t mention that they didn’t look. Sorry, Mr. Barr, I am very disappoointed.


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