Pop Quiz: How To Tell If You Are A Racist.

I learned long ago that talk’s cheap. Anyone can say anything. But, it is what they do that reveals their true thoughts and character. Learn to look, don’t listen.

“Their actions speak louder than words.” That’s something we have all heard. Here’s another cliche which is true. “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.” “Do as I say, not as I do.” That’s the poster child for poor parenting! So, pick your truth.

And let’s see what you would do and support, or have done and have supported. Let’s all take this quiz:

Do you support bringing the unemployment of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women to historically record lows? OR Do you support keeping those groups with perpetually higher unemployment than whites for example?

Do you support rising wages for blacks, and other minorities? OR Do you support holding them in the low income class, rather than the middle class?

Do you support stopping the killing of blacks and Hispanics in the inner cities like Chicago? OR Do you just turn a blind eye, dismissing them as criminals and “untouchables” that deserve what they get?

Do you support bringing business investment into depressed neighborhoods and inner cities to provide employment for the impoverished youth? OR Do you want to have them remain without work, dependent upon you and what you dole out of your wallet?

Do you support giving the parents of inner city youth the choice to take their child to a school where they have some hope of an education and chance for the future? OR Do you want to force them to remain in the inner city schools, even if it means they could never have a hope of competing and succeeding?

Do you support ending draconian life sentences for crimes that did not warrant that penalty? OR Do you want to continue that Clinton Era law, and keep a lot of criminal blacks, Hispanics, etc. off the streets permanently?

Do you support programs that help convicts come out into society and get a second chance, and employment? OR Do you ridicule the men and women who work to create those programs and believe that black people can’t change?

Do you support permanent funding of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities? OR Do you want them to have to beg every year for the money to keep their doors open, and their legacy continued?

Do you support encouraging a traditional and nuclear family where the parents take responsibility for their children? OR Do you want the state to become the “parent” of minority children, and take full responsibility for how they think, and what they can earn, and how high they can climb?

Do you insist that all black and minority lives matter, and refuse to only talk about black lives related to law enforcement? OR Do you turn a blind eye to all issues related to the loss of black lives, except for those related to law enforcement?

Do you believe that one is not “guilty by accusation,” and deserves Due Process–no matter their race, no matter the alleged crime? OR Do you rush to judgment at every bad act and actor and form your own “lynch mob”–demanding that no Due Process occurs?

Let’s check ourselves out on this. If you predominantly answered affirmatively to the first question in each series, you are not a racist–in my opinion. If you answered predominantly affirmatively to the second question in each series, you–in my opinion–are the racist.

For the record, Trump answered affirmatively to all of the first questions, and did not do so just with “words.” He did so with actual programs that have worked and resulted in dramatic improvement where the programs have been allowed to be implemented. So, if Donald J. Trump is a racist, he is really bad at it. He would surely get an F in a “How to Be A Successful Racist” class.

His opponents have chosen to predominantly support none of the first questions–not even with words–and appear to be the racists. Their actions or inactions speak louder than words. I think they would ace a class entitled: “How to Keep Minorities Down.”

There is a lot of noise out there, my friends. Look, don’t listen.

3 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: How To Tell If You Are A Racist.

  1. Robyn Koppin

    We’ve been with Amway for years. Our business has not been as successful as yours unfortunately. I loved listening to you on stage. I loved reading the White King trilogy. I read a Child of Arthur and I love these posts. You are right on in so many areas! Sometimes I am concerned about your safety. Crazy people seem to come after truth-tellers.


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