Two Little Words that Unleashed a Fury

For many of us–whether Democrat, Independent, or Republican–who have lived a bit of life, the last 4 years have been a rancorous, scary, confusing, and threatening time. All of our foundational institutions have been under assault, and emotionally many bounce from anger, to grief, to fear. There is a mystery here. How did this happen?

As for me, I have asked myself almost daily–and I challenge you to ask yourself this–what could one man have done that warrants his being criticized from the moment he rises to the moment he sleeps? Why has he been attacked from every direction, with a merciless hyper-critical assault waged against him every single day, for the last 4 years?

The relentless harangues feel like persecution. And I have wept on occasion for my country, and the media, which seem to have turned into a constant tear-down machine. Surely, no one deserves to be criticized for every single thing they say or do. No one could be that evil, that wrong, or that “deplorable.” In our heart of hearts, I think we know something is off.

It is almost as if, in the eyes of some, he is so totally “wrong” that people have been driven to hate. I ask myself, what is his crime? What, exactly, did he do that was so wrong that he deserves to be tarred and feathered, pilloried, and ridden out of town on a rail?

Then, last week, during the President’s acceptance speech, he uttered two little words that I think are the words which, when he first said them five years ago, cast the die and resulted in the fury of hatred we have all had to live with. He may not have known then what saying those words to the American people would mean. But, I believe he does now.

When he said those words last week, all of a sudden I felt a weight lift, and a fog disappear. This was the Real Why behind the attempt to overthrow a President of the United States. He seemed at peace with it. And so am I. Words of warning from a business mentor from 35 years ago now echo in my mind.

The President said that he knows now that this all began when he said two little words. Those little words unleashed a fury. The words? America First. He said them when he announced his candidacy, and constantly repeated them when he was campaigning. He was running for the American people who had been sidelined when other countries’ interests had become senior to America’s interests, and where the American worker had been sacrificed, and the middle class all but destroyed. He promised that if he were elected, he would put America First.

If you have ever heard the term globalism, or even other more conspiratorial terms like new world order etc., you may now understand why Donald J. Trump poses such an “existential threat” in the minds of some. For more than 70 years, men and women who hold themselves to be superior to all of us have been systematically moving the world to be just “one big happy family”–where our prosperous nation has been persuaded that we are not all that great, and our wealth isn’t really ours to keep and give away at our discretion. It really belongs to all men, and we should subordinate America’s interests to the interests of the world–the globe–and those who control it.

Language that supports the “fraternity” of man, and actions that force wealthier nations to weaken their own economic systems, reducing the status and freedoms of their own citizens, is language that is embraced, adored, and elevated. To speak to the contrary is forbidden.

Yet, Donald J. Trump promised to put America First–to work with other nations and to help them, but not at the expense constantly of the American citizen. Every rally he spoke of it. And 63 million Americans heard just those two words. They did not hear his tweets, they did not care about his “tone.” They cared that he promised to put America First and all of his subsequent policies and successes have kept that promise with the people.

And that is why he is despised by the powerbrokers, the elites. Those two words threaten to tear down the painstaking and covert work they have done for years to enrich themselves in the quest for globalism, and what it represents. Someone does not want us to ask the question, “just which higher echelon elites that transcend mere country borders will be running the show, governing all the world’s populations?

So, I will. I think now we need to pay just a bit more attention to the word “globalism” and identify why the words “America First” are such a threat to it Who are these globalists? What American politicians (of both parties), bureaucrats, bankers, industry leaders, educators, military generals, medical professionals, Wall Street titans etc. embraced the creation of a new world? Who infiltrated our schools? Who was counting on the fact we would not notice, since the indoctrination occurred gradually, over generations?

And who went instantly insane when candidate Donald J. Trump, and then President Donald J. Trump, said two little words? True colors, my friends, and true intentions. For the first time in my lifetime, I am staring directly at the true menace to liberty. I now understand what my mentor warned me about 35 years ago when he said there were men outside and inside this country who had a very different vision for the world. And he taught me then how to cook a frog.

The words “America First” appear to have turned the heat up under the frog so much that it (the American People) jumped out of the pot. And that is just unacceptable to those who would be rulers. It is the Original Sin in their world.

The President once said–and this is very near an exact quote: I am the President of the United States. I am not President of the World. My responsibility is to work for the American people, to put their best interests first. Other countries’ leaders should put their people’s interest first. I am not angry with them for furthering their own country. I just don’t want them to do it at America’s expense constantly.

It seems we need to maybe ask, who does want to be President of the World? Hmmm…

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