The Unasked Question?

There is one question I doubt was asked, let alone answered. I have a mind that asks the obvious sometimes. You probably do as well, so let’s ask it.

If “essential businesses” were able to quickly maneuver to keep their employees and customers safe, and thereby remain open for business, why would we assume that “non-essential” businesses couldn’t also adapt to keep their employees and customers safe? Hmmm.

Did the governors and mayors in America ask these businesses HOW they could change their operating basis to stay open, or did they just decide to shut them down, and to hell with the outcome?

This is America–a Free Enterprise, Capitalist society–that is renowned for the innovation and adaptability of its entrepreneurs. Government bureaucrats may not be able to turn on the dime, but my experience with entrepreneurs in this country is they are creative, strong, brave, flexible, and if they had been asked, they would have answered.

If someone couldn’t satisfy their local government, well then, they would remain closed. If they could, they would have been allowed to remain open.

What I want to know, and you should too, is DID ANYONE EVEN ASK THEM TO PRESENT THEIR IDEAS? Were they even given a chance? And, if not, WHY NOT?

2 thoughts on “The Unasked Question?


    Good question! We need some of our media to start asking similar questions.

    Every business is essential to its customers, owners and employees.

    It is too bad that many in government do not realize that mental health and spiritual health as just as important as physical health.

    Work for many satisfies their need for purpose.

    Live on Andy Weir!

  2. Robert Reese

    Rather than assign some sinister motive to those calling the shots early-on, I would suggest Ms. Kessler cut them some slack. I’m pretty sure they were acting under severe time pressure and really did not think along the lines highlighted by this article written with the benefit of of less time pressure. This well-written article is what our President needs to see to help inform his decision as to when to open our economy. Please change the tone, then send it to the White House where your cogent thoughts will perhaps do us all some good.


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