“White King and the Seat at the Table” It’s almost here!!

As I said in my last Blog, a very special book was being worked on. Well, we are just weeks away now from the launch of “White King and the Seat at the Table.” It releases Nov. 3, but there will be an opportunity for pre-release access and purchase. If you want more info on that, message me back, and you will be added to the list. But for now…

This is the story of America, Americans, and a future being planned for us.  It is the story of the Great Reset.  Inspired by current events, the novel reveals WHO is orchestrating the plan to bring the world under one global governance that will control every aspect of our lives.  It is also the story of WHY they are doing it.  This global body has infiltrated every foundational institution of the United States, which is under duress and imploding right now—family, education, religion, justice, and military.  Using breathtaking information warfare and perception management,executed at the highest levels, the plan is to overwhelm our reason with a deadly emotion and for the United States to submit, causing all other countries to do the same.

Real-life fictionalized villains are pitted against fictitious heroes in the villains’ race to subjugate the people of the United States.  Once again, former CIA analyst James Mikolas partners with computer game designers and athletes Andy Weir and Brian Washington Carver in this fourth and final book in “The White King” series.  They are joined in this effort to prevent the Great Reset by Bud Walker, a media mogul whose taste for corporate media empires has soured, and by two new covert operators, Vince McCoy and his white hat hacker Hector Rodriguez.

Out-manned and under-financed, this courageous group of Americans launches a counterattack to stop something that is, in fact, happening in real time—today.Their plan is breathtakingly simple and will keep the reader on the edge of his seat, heart pounding. Rooted in truth,their approach taps into our very core values, our sanity, and our righteousness.  Their strategy is to peacefully restore America and end the Great Reset.

“White King and the Seat at the Table” is fact-based fiction.  Be ready to cry, to feel terror, to experience anger, to laugh, and to cheer—for the outcome will be determined by us, the American people.

8 thoughts on ““White King and the Seat at the Table” It’s almost here!!

  1. Craig Johnson

    I had the good fortune of being able to read the transcript – our society need to be made aware of this very well told, timely, excellent read. Thanks Lee.


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