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This week, while driving home from Montana, I listened to the revelation about the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE. For anyone who has lived long enough to know the struggle in that region, and our country’s part in it for decades, the magnitude of this agreement and the very unique and untried approach the President took to the problem over the last 3 years was patently obvious. Breathtakingly obvious. No one with any intellect or compassion could say anything other than this is HUGE.

The world we live in changed last week. It was changed by one man’s campaign promise. A promise kept. His vision started a chain of events and meetings that culminated with two brave, visionary leaders in the Mid-East striking a new accord.

The direction he took was forward–not backward. Trump looks forward to create the future. (A lesson Black Lives Matter sycophants could learn. We don’t go back down a time track to when things were worse. We go forward from where we are, and create something better.) Israel and the UAE shook off preconceptions, and past failures, and looked through new eyes, from a different angle, at a possible future.

A business mentor of mine often says, “Your past does not equal your future.” The President did not attempt to solely solve the Israeli/Palestinian issue which had embroiled the whole region for decades, if not centuries. He attacked the Israel and Arab states issue relevant to Iran, terrorism, and economic potential.

So, platitudes like “historic,” “huge,” “world-changing” seem to be the best we can do to express the magnitude of the shift in relations in that arena. But, this time, the platitudes apply.

Anyone who downplays this, or demeans it, or dismisses it, is frankly in the camp of those who destroy, not who create. Or they are too intellectually dim to comprehend, and should therefore lead no one.

Those of you who have read “White King and the Doctor” probably remember that the protagonist was an 18 year old Grandmaster chess champion who ended up discovering a very elaborate and layered chess game being played against us by a very brilliant enemy. Not relying on chest text books, or past Masters’ winning moves and games, Andy Weir was a “natural” chess player who simply played the invisible opponent in the moment, not by rote repetition of moves from the past. He cracked the case. Trump and his team appear to have done the same.

Now for my point. Fox was covering it massively in their evening opinion shows. I decided to see what Rachel Maddow on MSNBC had to say about it. Turning to her channel, Maddow was not only not covering it at all, she was off on another conspiracy theory using “anonymous” sources and allegations of a document sealed somewhere that proved Trump had offered his golf course for a major tournament, and therefore she once again was establishing for her viewers just how vile and criminal our President is. At least that is the gist of what I gathered. In her mind, she was laying the foundation for yet another “impeachable offense.” Stunningly vacuous!

For the last three years–if you slowed down to observe and really think about the various actions we took that led to this accord–Donald J. Trump has been playing Three-dimensional Chess. And Rachel Maddow has been playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

Here’s a link to: http://whitekingrising.com/ where you can read that book, and learn what it takes to be able to play 3-dimensional chess!

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