They’re Back!

Remember the movie Poltergeist II, with cute little Heather O’Rourke sitting in front of her television, yelling in fear to her parents that the poltergeists had returned. “They’re back,” was one of the scariest lines in horror film history. Because we had seen the first movie, we knew just how awful the ensuing scenes were going to be. We braced ourselves to be traumatized and terrified, having to face yet Round Two with the malicious, deadly pranksters.

Well, brace yourselves America. For the last two weeks you could calmly turn on your TV to watch football, your favorite show, a parade, or even the evening news in some areas and not be tormented by demented cries of “Impeachment!” What a relief it was not to have to listen to our modern day supernatural spirits.

Regrettably, it’s over now. Our reprieve from the horror show in Washington, DC was granted to us by the Congress who went home to enjoy their lives for the holidays, while leaving us dangling and angry. Day by day though it seemed to slip into a memory, as if it were some scene from a nightmare we had awakened from. We may have even talked ourselves into believing that the House of Representatives had not in fact lost its mind.

But, the reprieve was fleeting I am afraid, as fleeting as the famous cease fire on Christmas Eve in the World War I. Sadly, Congress has returned to Washington.

They’re back!

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