A Message for Director John Brennan

Dear John,

You have manipulated the media. You have deceived politicians. You have disdain for all of us Americans.   You’re pretty bright.   But, not bright enough.

You may run propaganda and “dead agenting” marketing technologies past dim journalists with no intellectual curiosity, and no intellect even if they had curiosity.  They may have unwittingly or wittingly withheld from the American people all the true corruption,crimes, and swamp-like offenses because you influenced them to the point of stupidity.   The American people may not yet be aware of the crimes you and your cabal have committed.

But, a true investigative “blood hound” is on your trail.   Can you feel him coming?  I know you can because I saw you on television disdainfully talking about him.   That may con the vapid TV journalist, but it will not deter the “blood hound.”  He cares nothing about money, or power, or control.  He does not desire to be “liked and admired.”   He cares about Justice, and he is on your trail.

Stay tuned, Mr. Brennan…

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