Little Petty Pompous People

When I was young, my parents taught me manners.   Yours probably did too.  And, as I grew, they and other elders taught me to communicate with respect.  I’ve had some hard lessons learned through my life of what happens when I communicated too harshly or severely, using too much force, or too little respect.

There are times when one must hit back against unfairness, injustice, and stupidity.   Today is one of them.  I will attempt to mind my manners, but you may need a seat belt anyway.  And I encourage you to pass this Blog to any journalists you know, and, more importantly, to anyone who forms their opinions and priorities based upon the opinion of their favorite daytime TV talk show host, or their favorite night time cable news host.

By now, everyone knows the President of the United States has successfully negotiated a deal with Mexico.   You may also have watched the pomp and circumstance of his and the First Lady’s visit with the Queen, their visit with the heir to the throne Prince Charles, the State Banquet, the meeting with Prime Minister May, their historic visit to Ireland, their stunning and moving participation in the D-Day Commemoration.

If you weren’t shown images and reporting on these diverse and equally significant meetings, you either weren’t watching, or the news agency you were watching chose not to clue you into the world affairs.

I saw a chyron a few days ago that stunned me.  Fox News was alerting their audience to the fact that other networks were criticizing the First Lady for wearing sunglasses during the Normandy D-Day event.   Sure enough, other channels spent their time–not talking about the Mexico breakthrough, or any of the thousands of images and choices they had available–but rather about their perceived faux pas by the First Lady.

I don’t know whether it is taboo to wear sunglasses in the sun at such an occasion.   I have never researched that.  But–and here is my point–neither did the news media as far as I can tell.   No one sited some book of protocol.  No one sited any source or reference. They were too lazy to actually research.  Their “research” appears to be that they looked around in the crowd and did not see others wearing sun glasses.   So, they immediately concluded that Melania Trump must have erred.  You or I could observe and speculate.  But, where is the actual research for the smear by Media.  Goodness knows, if they had done that, it might have killed their attack–designed to embarrass the First Lady of the United States, and the United States.  I, for one, would like to know–so that the next time I am First Lady and will be honoring America’s fallen heroes, I know what the Media feels I should wear.

Of all the things she did last week, these little, petty, pompous people chose to talk about SUNGLASSES. I suggest you think long and hard about this before you rely upon any of these people for an analysis of anything.   Even if it were a faux pas, why not talk about all the other exquisitely executed moments in such a long and diverse trip?   Why point out the one alleged flaw?

The motive can only be destructive and deceptive.   When you can’t talk about all the victories, you point out the one wart.   I know teenage mean girls with less drama than our Media is demonstrating right now.

A mentor of mine pointed out that where we will be in the next five years will be determined by the books we read, and the people we associate with.  It makes such a difference to your character and integrity–and wisdom and grace.

Don’t let these people tell you they have a responsibility to be critical and to inform you of “all things not perfect.”   They do not.   That is not their responsibility under the First Amendment which guarantees their Freedom.  All such behavior demonstrates is the fact they don’t research; and they don’t prioritize importances in order to give you the most necessary information.

Well, it has been said that a people get the government they deserve.   I think we also get a Press we deserve.   If we reward these ignorant petty people, and let them sit there day after day pompously making fun, and ridiculing, it only encourages bad behavior.

With all my failings, and with all the times I have not evaluated with the grace I should have, my parent’s guidance stuck.   Don’t be “little.” be “big.”  Don’t be “petty,” be “magnanimous.”  And don’t be “pompous.”

And, in the words of a mentor I love and admire, “Don’t major in the minors.”   I’d like to suggest that last week’s media coverage, by some, of the First Lady didn’t even rise to the level of”minor.”   It descended to the level of petty. It was petty and unworthy of our Press who became the beneficiary of the blood shed by my ancestor and his friends to create this country, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Our Media’s Executive Producers are going to have to work hard to rise to the level that they were worth dying for.   A lot of Americans over the centuries have died to make it possible for these little, petty, pompous people to have their “microphone.”   If they say that’s “our job,” tell them to take a long walk off a short pier, smile, and turn away–never to give them access to your precious mind again.

“Now, Lee…” I can hear my mother admonishing.   Well, Mom, this time I had to speak!

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