The Bunker

I remember when I first was invited to be a radio guest on a Talk Show with Gen. Paul Vallely and Oscar-Winning Film Producer, Jerry Molen.   As they launched the show they spoke of broadcasting from a bunker in the Rockies.   It struck me as humorous.

Having no idea where their studios actually were, I understood though that apparently they did not want to be truly located.

Later, when I happened to hear Rush Limbaugh one day, he too spoke of broadcasting from a bunker.   Again, I had no idea where his studios were, or are, actually, and whether “the bunker” was necessary.

Well, after blogging for a year–especially the content of my blogs in the last few months–I now know why the person communicating may need to keep their location unknown.   “The Bunker” is a euphemism for an undisclosed location.

So, know that my recent experiences have caused me to decide, in the future, to Blog to you from a “Bunker.”

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “The Bunker

  1. Tanii Carr

    Not surprising actually, Lee, given the content of your posts. And reading today about Julian Assange and freedom of the press, it is more apparent to me that you need to. We need your voice, your insights, your experience and your message.

    Our country is under attack and has been for some time, with liberties being taken away bit by unnoticeable bit over time. While I’ve been aware of some underlying themes for sometime, I really never envisioned it getting to what we’re now seeing-such open disregard for the rule of law, for the Constitution, and for the good of the people.

    Thank you, again, for your courage.

  2. chuck

    Stay hidden. There’s lots of people in power that don’t want their power threatened, and you’re doing that. have you ever heard of Charles N Pogue? I thought not. in 1935 or so he patented a carburetor that, when installed on a 1934 Ford with a 1 pint fuel supply, the vehicle was driven 28+ miles before it ran out of fuel. that’s well over 200 mpg. even then the oil companies had a power base that was threatened and Mr Pogue disappeared, along with his carburetor idea. I have a copy of the patent documents.

    Keep stomping on the gorilla’s toes, but use a very long leg.


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