The Need to Be Right

We all have a need to be right.  It’s a trait of human nature that we desire to be right: in our opinions, our work, our assessments and evaluations, our actions, our choice of friends, work places, politicians, housing locations, mates…the list is endless.

And certainly it is a good thing to be right.   None of us is perfect however.   Within that simple statement lies a hidden truth.   Since we know somehow that we are not perfect and don’t want to be held to that standard, we are forced to admit that as much as we desire to be right–maybe even need to be right–we are sometimes wrong.

So, rather than face with consternation and denial that we sometimes err in our judgment and actions, I would like to suggest that just as we have a need to be right, we must also be willing to be wrong.   Notice that I said “willing” to be wrong.   We don’t have to like it.   We don’t have to make excuses.   We don’t have to jump for joy at our mistakes and miscalculations.   But, we must be willing at times to acknowledge that we were wrong, in order to thereafter get to the truth of a matter, or on to success and happiness in a matter.

Therefore, if new facts or data proven factual surface, even if that data contradicts our impassioned and entrenched “positions,” we may at times in our lives have to slow down, take a deep breath, suck it up and say, “I was wrong.”

In the coming weeks and months in the year ahead, I believe we collectively as a nation are going to find ourselves in a position where some of us are going to have to be big enough to admit egregious errors in the political arena.

I am not speaking of Democrat vs. Republican. I am, however, speaking of an attack upon our Republic, and all of us as voting citizens.  And our emotional acceptance of that attack has allowed an undermining force–a Fifth Column–to nearly overthrow our government.  What do I mean, you ask?

Evidence is mounting and surfacing every day now–backed up not by “rumor” or “innuendo,” but rather by emails, letters, texts, and testimony under oath–that a group of men and women in our government, not elected by the people–but whose arrogance and self-espoused superiority surpasses any elected officials in my lifetime–have conspired to overturn an election, and the vote of the American people.

The danger is that this time the target might be a politician you don’t like.   And you don’t care what happens.   You should.   Because only the people of the United States can elect the men and women in Washington.  Only the people elect a President. So, rather than turn a blind eye to what will be coming into harsh daylight, scrutinize it.   For, if we don’t, next time it will be done to a politician you do like.   The target was never the politician.   The target was you.  It’s time to be prepared to be wrong.

In 2004 I commenced a journey of investigation and art to see if I could identify why we are being torn apart from within.   The journey resulted in the White King Trilogy, which is regarded as prescient.   Almost prophetic, each book was written before the situations became visible in real life.   But, the national nightmare we are living through today was forecast in those novels.   The fact that I have been proven “right” does not give me much solace.   Frankly, I would have preferred to have been “wrong.”

Not even I, however, could put my finger on the “Who”–the personnel that intend to run things from the shadows since you, they feel, are incapable of running things in the light of day.   They lurk in a subterranean world, empowered by your tax dollars, and protected by their “impeccable reputations” and “credentials.”

Yet, like any criminal, their goal is mainly self-preservation.  The sad thing for them now is that like any cabal, once an investigator starts closing in on one person, that person may throw the rest to the wolves to save himself.   The conspiracy begins to unravel, and the conspirators feed on themselves.

Since my analysis proved dead on accurate in  my books, I want to reveal to you now that one additional piece of research thread I was pursuing up to the present, just to satisfy me, has led ironically to a collision course with individuals who soon will be visible to you–but in a different light from how you perceived them in the past.

I decided to put a stake in the ground right now, and call them out.   I am willing to be wrong on this.   Only the coming months and years will establish whether my analysis was also correct on these individuals and their goals–as accurate as it was on the villains in the trilogy.  To be honest, I would rather be wrong.   But, sadly, I don’t think I am.   Every day, the new information surfacing has been confirming suspicions and analysis. This last two years’ incessant harping by the Media on “Investigate! Investigate!’ has bommeranged now.   One has to be careful what one wishes for.   The investigations happened all right, but they are revealing a very different picture.

So, here are a few of the names I want to identify as “players” or “unwitting pawns” in a horrific play. Some you may know, some you may not know.   And some, even I have not identified by name–only by agency. I only suggest that as you read this list, if you doubt it, read The White King Trilogy.   I challenge you to do that.

Here they are, in no particular order.   Players or pawns?  We will discover soon enough: The former director of Australia’s equivalent to our CIA; the current director of Britain’s equivalent to our NSA, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, FBI counsel James Baker, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Jeff Sessions, the former director of the DNC and Congresswoman from Florida, Christopher Steele, Glen Simpson, Fusion GPS, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, at least one FISA court judge, the Clinton Campaign, and at least two journalists who know they are releasing Black Propaganda, and whose finances, in my humble opinion, need to be investigated.

In “White King and the Doctor,” I theorized that the real life mastermind of Al-Qaeda used steganography ( a way of hiding a picture within a picture) as his means of communicating with his Propaganda Chief, the Public Relations officer Samir Taghavi.   Sending what looked like computer graphics designed for advertising campaigns, Samir had a secret computer program to reveal the encrypted picture hidden within.   Anyone looking at the document would assume it was just proposed images for public relations.  Instead, the man known as “The Doctor” was conveying specific instructions to his lead operative in Europe and the United States.   Those instructions expose the Fifth Column.

We Americans have had a “picture” continually painted for us with relentless passion for two years. Hidden within that picture of seductive lies is the truth.   And the “Truth” picture is surfacing every day, every week.  Once fully visible, you will know the magnitude of the misdirection and misinformation campaign waged against you.  However, the annoying thing about Truth– from the point of view of the Liar– is that it opens the door to a handling.   Once visible, the Good People line up, and the illusion that existed on the surface evaporates, as does the power of those who covered up Truth.

We are in for turbulent times.  These men, whichever ones actually turn out to be involved, will not give up easily.   They have already lost.   But, like a mortally wounded dragon, the tail flipping around in death throes can still do a great deal of damage.

Hang on everybody.





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