A Man Named Samir

Years ago,  a business mentor made a very shocking statement to me.   Looking at what he viewed as a declining education system, disintegrating family values, rising immorality, and group think dominating the young, he suggested there might actually be a group determined to bring America down from within, by gradually turning right into wrong, and wrong into right.

If true, this would be a propaganda victory of historic proportions.   Can you imagine the disinformation, misinformation, and misdirection campaign it would take to cause an ethical and moral people to reverse their thinking and actions?   What would it take to have them abandon the things they held righteous and true, to have them think that things which they held to be “right” are now “wrong” and things which they held to be “wrong” are now “right?”

What a challenge that would be to an enemy of freedom!  What a coup!   From the point of view of evil, flipping the entire Western Civilization and its values on its head would certainly write you into the history books of infamy on this planet.   Does such a person or group exist?

Yes, they do.   When I wrote the White King Trilogy I was attempting to reveal through fiction what seemed to be a plausible approach to causing us to dismantle our own form of government, to kill our young with deadly and addictive drugs, to render our education system nothing more than indoctrination centers, and to turn over power to financial interests outside our country–allowing them to dictate and control us.

Though fiction, the books have seemed prophetic, if not indeed true.   The headlines you read today manifest the exact line of attack laid out in the novels.   The exact line and substance.  The good news is that to defeat this enemy, you need to read the books for yourself.   Once you do, you spot how they are operating, and once you spot it, the strategy and tactics lose all power over you.   There’s a challenge for you.

I took the challenge for myself.   I asked myself, “Was it possible that someone had inserted a Fifth Column (see earlier Blogs) into the US, under cover of a Free Press?   Would our very Constitution provide sanctuary for the enemy, and would their skillful propaganda undermine the members of the Press themselves?  You can answer that yourselves, if you are honest.  We need an honest free press.   But, suppose it got flipped, is now upside down, and has become a dishonest free press.    That threatens us all.

In “White King and the Doctor,” Ayman Al-Zawahiri–the real life mastermind of Al Qaeda–dispatched a Public Relations/Propaganda Chief to hypnotize Americans so that he could then implant commands which would be followed without questioning.  That is mind control on a mass level.

And before you scoff, you should understand this had been done before.   Stalin knew this technology, Mao knew this technology.  They mastered indoctrination in order to control a population otherwise too large to control.

The technology was passed to a man named “Samir.”   He was assigned the take-down of the American Free Press.   He was assigned to get us to turn our strengths as a nation into weaknesses.   If he succeeded, we would implode, feeding on ourselves.  If you dare, read that book, and see if you can see Samir’s fingerprints on current events.  And, then, after that, ask yourself, “Have I been ‘Samirized’?”   Did he get to me?

Samir is a fictitious name for someone–or several people–but he does exist.   I believe I have located him, and know who he has been using to make right wrong, and wrong right.   Your mission is to locate him and his Fifth Column, before he gets to you.  The good news is that evil can not thrive in the light of day.   It hides in the darkness–in the shadows of fear.   So, assuming you have some ability to confront evil, just your eyes gazing at evil causes it to wither.

I will give you a HINT:  if you hear one credible news agency make a statement, and then all other agencies blindly repeat it, using almost the exact same wording, you are looking at victims of Information Warfare.  Their thinking, discerning minds compromised, they are now going over a cliff.   Samir is there.   He planted the first statement.   He threw the bait into the water.  The others, who were dim and lazy, just turned a lie into the truth, and smashed the truth down into a lie.   Remember, a lie told often  enough becomes the truth.  Here’s the kicker.   He preceded all that by getting the Press to first have an agenda.  Once members have an agenda, their own agenda blinds them from truth, and makes it possible for Samir to plant all manner of outrageous material.   Samir knows that if the “lie” conforms with their agenda, or can be perverted to conform with their agenda, he now has an “unwitting” accomplice.

Until a truly righteous person stands up.  Is that you?  I hope so.

Stay tuned for more of Samir’s tactics and strategies.

2 thoughts on “A Man Named Samir

  1. Tanii Carr

    I have read the books. What is amazing is that you first help the reader see, for themselves, what is going on in real time, in real life. And with the third book, offer solutions so that the reader is not left feeling helpless as conditions mount, seemingly out of control. You put “cause” back into the reader’s hands.

    Thank you, again….and again and again and again…for your insights and for taking the time to research, to uncover, to investigate and to bring into the light what you find, Lee.


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