I grew up in a household where my family’s heritage was proudly conveyed to me, along with an implicit message that I was now the inheritor of the dream.   My ancestor John Adsit fought in the Revolution, risking everything in order to be able to be free, own land, and to create a better future.   To this day my family preserves the land grant signed by George Washington as he personally recruited my family member into the Continental Army.   As I write this, I am looking at the table that document was signed on.

My father told me stories of his great uncle, and the devastating experience he had in the Civil War fighting at Gettysburg, continuing the fight for the freedom of others.  The reminder of his commitment–his rifle, and the canteen and bugle of a dead Confederate bugle boy. When I pressed my father for more information about why the bugle and canteen still resided with our family, he seemed pensive, and imparted to his five year old daughter the sense that much suffering and sacrifice has occurred across time,   And that the baton of the American Ideal would soon pass to me.   I concluded when I was very young that I owed a debt to those dreamers from long ago.   Their sacrifice made it possible for me to enjoy the opportunities I have had, and to chart my own course–a free person in a free land.

It is because of that “debt” that in June of 2004 I embarked upon a journey that has brought me to a high level of understanding, combined with the willingness to educate others, as to how America is being taken down from within.   That journey required that I utilize every skill set I had developed in various professional areas, and it required that I be ready and willing to face–without flinching–a very cunning enemy.

I have a 35 year background in marketing.   I am a student of the mind, quite expert in human behavior.   And I have had a 40 plus year career as an actress, during which time I have had the opportunity to play real people on many occasions.   It was that discipline and advanced type of character research that caused me to launch my investigation from a different angle than anyone in Intelligence, Government, Military, or the Media had entered.  I simply entered the problem from a different direction.   I decided to enter through the point of view of the enemy, and I posed questions to myself like, “If I were to try to neutralize the United States of America, and its people, how would I do that?   What strategies and tactics would I use?   Who would I recruit?  Could I do it in such a way that the ‘recruits’ would not even know it was happening, in fact they might even happily participate in it, thinking they were doing the right thing?  Could I, in fact, exercise a form of remote mind control? And most importantly, WHY?”

The answers to those questions became the books “White King and the Doctor” and the sequels “White King Rising” and “White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame.” In the coming blogs, we will take these questions on, one at a time, and tie them into current events. It should empower you and free you. That’s my goal. That’s my answer to the debt I owe.  I was charged by my parents with the responsibility to carry America forward, to contribute to the hope our country represents, and to leave it still  a Constitutional Republic when I leave this life. When that is done, I believe I will have paid the dream debt.  Let’s have some fun, shall we?

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  1. Tanii Carr

    As usual, Lee, remarkable and insightful and compelling. You are amazing. I am so honored to be your friend and look forward to more “incoming!”


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